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CDR Pro Kit

The “Stater Kit” contains all hardware required to perform a DLC/OBD retrieval of EDR data in Bosch supported vehicles. It contains all essential hardware and software to download supported vehicles through the DLC port, but does not contain any of the direct-to-module (D2M) cables or adapters. It includes both the CDR 900 and CANplus vehicle interface modules. Kit includes 1-year CDR software subscription.

CDR Deluxe Pro Kit (Everything in the Pro Kit plus 50 Cables/Adapters)

The CDR Tool Kit configuration contains the complete CDR Pro Kit PLUS 50 of the most frequently used cables and adapters for retrieving EDR data directly from the vehicles safety module(s). This bundle comes with a hard-shell case for the CDR Pro Kit and XL hard-shell case to protect and store all of the additional cables and adapters.

CDR Premium Pro Kit (Everything in the Pro Kit plus 92 Cables/Adapters; includes FlexRay hardware)

The “Premium” CDR Pro Tool Kit configuration is the “gold-standard” as it contains every piece of hardware currently available in the Bosch CDR product line. By purchasing this bundle, you will be able to access EVERY SUPPORTED VEHICLE in the CDR software platform.

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