Rhino-Mat All In One Mat Wash & Dry System



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Experience the difference in Mat Cleaning Technology. Not only can the Rhino-Mat help employees with multitasking but it can reduce your labor and create hidden revenues! Increase your C.S.I rating by offering a new mat cleaning service in your Service Lane. The Rhino-Mat, #1 Mat Cleaner in the Industry, offering a 2 year warranty, perfect mats every time! It will have your customers coming back for more!



  • Automatic floor mat cleaning solutions for carpet and rubber mats.
  • One-step mat washing & drying process. Save on labor & time.
  • Washes & Dries a vehicle mat within seconds.
  • Removes ground-in dirt, oil, sand, pet hair and most stains.
  • Counter, keep track of the number of mats you cleaned.
  • Auto-chemical injection system.
  • Auto shutoff timer, time adjustable & energy efficient.
  • Auto flat feeding operations to prevent folding or damages to a mat.
  • PCB board control system.



Weight approx. 500 lbs
Power supply 110 / 60 / 30 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 40 x 26 x 50 inch



759-RHM-AVM110 2 Stage Vacuum Motor $218.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-BR800 Brush Roller $379.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-BTG Green Button $35.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-BTR Red Button $35.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-CBR Circuit Breaker $54.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-F800 Feeder Roller $379.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-MB71 Motherboard Version 7.1 $279.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-MPM545 Main Pulley Motor 1 HP $617.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-PBA38 Pulley Belt $42.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-R800 Sponge Roller $379.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-SSR Stainless Steel Roller $379.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-SSTCR Top Stainless Steel Roller $379.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-SVDEMA Solenoid Valve $104.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-VMB Vacuum Motor Bracket $21.00 Add to cart
759-RHM-WS Water Switch $35.00 Add to cart