Rolling Bay Curtain Partitions

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Easy to clean or replace. Includes all hardware: Velcro closures, track, and rollers make assembly and use easy! 16-gauge steel channel track and roller system. Hardware for flush, suspended, wall, and floor mounting. Benefits:

  • Eliminates costly brick and mortar.
  • Separate conflicting tasks within work environments.
  • Improve working conditions.
  • Helps to control contaminants, temperature, sound, and light.
  • Stock Sizes:
  • Widths - 6', 12', and 24'
  • Heights - 8', 9', 10', 12' Custom Sizes*:
  • Widths up to 30'
  • Heights 6' through 30' * Check your dimensions carefully. Once your custom curtain is ordered it can't be canceled, and once it is cut and sewn it cannot be returned.



    • Ideal for prep stations, separating body and paint shops, parts edging areas, welding, wash bays, grinding or buffing, estimating areas, metal containment, and much more.
    • Contain airborne contaminants.
    • Separate clean areas from dirty areas.
    • Improve safety.
    • Stock and custom sizes available.
    • Next-day shipping on our stocked, standard-sized curtain packages.
    • Meets NFPA701 Flame Retardancy and California Fire Marshal standards.
    • All edges are finished.
    • 14 oz. reinforced vinyl top and bottom sections, in 12 different colors.